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No Limits Heli Adventures is your ultimate heli adventure destination. We also specialize in Aerial Cinematography.

Located in the heart of the beautiful Whistler Mountains, No Limits is able to access and deliver one of the best filming locations in the world! We are just 30 minutes away from a world class glacier, the Pemberton Icecaps.


We have been flying stills and video filming from helicopters since 1987

At No Limits Heli Adventure we supply the logistics (fuel, crews, accommodations) and the coordination of aerial resources will be provided by Helipsair, a certified operator of Transport Canada. 


The flying experience of the air operator is varied and diversified given a total, well-rounded background. The air operator has substantial experience in  video filming from helicopters since 1987. Since then, No Limits has been part of shoots throughout western Canada with its air operator. In coordination with us, the air operator will provide film and video pilots and will also operate as aerial coordinator. No Limits, together with the air operator, are very familiar with several mounts and have flown with the WESCAM side and nose mounts, TYLER side and nose mounts, Cineflex, Cineflex Elite, and the SPACE CAM.


Recent Films

Other Video and film productions flown include

  • Walt Disney Production
  • TBS – Japanese Travel Program on the Canadian Rockies
  • TSN – Porcupine Hills Subaru Road Rally
  • OLN – Hiking in the Canadian Rockies REI
  • On The Edge of Destruction – The Frank Slide Story
  • Alberta Heritage – Head Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump
  • SWR – Canada in the Rockies
  • Shimano – Bicycle commercial in the Kananaskis
  • CBC – On the Road Again
  • CBC – Jeff’s Adventures
  • Wolkenlos – Public Vision OHG
  • CBC – David Suzuki Production
  • DNS Corporation – Japanese Travel Program on the Canadian Rockies
  • Travel Alberta 2012 commercials Remember To Breath
  • hundreds more…